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“I am unbelievably grateful for all of the work that Dr. Shao has done. I would not have this great smile with perfectly straight teeth if it wasn’t for him!” — Matt

“Dr. Shao is the best orthodontist in the world. He can make people comfortable around him, so it made it easy to trust him. He did an amazing job. I truly love my smile.” — Christina

“Dr. Shao is the best orthodontist ever! I’m so happy with my teeth!” — Leah

“I am so thankful that I get to end my high school career and begin the rest of my life with this new amazing smile.” — Sheyanne

“Dr. Shao is an amazing orthodontist with a keen eye for detail and passion for great results! Thank you!” — Emily

“Dr. Shao ROCKS!” — Claire

“I had the absolute greatest care here! Dr. Shao is the man!” — Emily

“Dr. Shao gave me the confidence to smile all the time. I highly recommend Showtime Orthodontic Arts!” — Elvira

“Dr. Shao is the most amazing orthodontist ever; he will help you gain confidence and a great smile!” — Maria

“Showtime Orthodontics gives your teeth that movie-star look!” — Justin

“Dr. Shao is the best orthodontist in the world!” — Kasey

“Dr. Shao is a great orthodontist, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.” — Laura

“Dr. Shao gave me confidence knowing I no longer need to be self-conscious of my smile.” — Kayla

“Dr. Shao did an amazing job. Super impressed!” — Zara

“I am extremely pleased with the end result of my orthodontic treatment. Dr. Shao is an excellent doctor. Throughout the two years of care he went above and beyond to give me the smile I always wanted.” — Heather

“Dr. Shao is a terrific orthodontist. He made my smile perfect and now I have the confidence of a lion. I highly recommend him as a doctor.” — Amber

“Dr. Shao got me through the entire journey! It was a tough one but we got through it! And I couldn’t be happier about my smile!” — Lorena

“Dr. Shao has done incredible work with my teeth. I love to smile more than ever!” — Laura

“Dr. Shao is an amazing orthodontist. He made my smile beautiful! Dr. Shao is a funny person and is a great person to talk to!” — Nicole

“Dr. Shao is an amazing orthodontist.” — Amabel

“Dr. Shao is the best orthodontist in the universe. He gave me a perfect smile and self-confidence.” — Robert

“Dr. Shao gave me the best smile ever!” — Victoria

“Dr. Shao is a great doc! He made my smile look great, allowing me to have the smile of a lifetime!” — Karen

“Dr. Shao was great during the length of my treatment. Everything turned out much better than I expected. I love my smile more now than before my treatment with Dr. Shao.” — Teresa

“Dr. Shao was very personable, caring, and genuine. He a movie buff and we would chat about movies that we had recently seen.” — Kathleen

“Dr. Shao is a great doctor. Glad he helped me with my braces.” — Donovan

“Dr. Shao is awesome. He always made it simple and easy for me and he made it fun to come.” — Jesus

“If I had a choice to get an orthodontist, I would get Dr. Shao. He’s the BEST! Made my teeth look fantastic. Thank you!” — Yeimy

“You are awesome, Dr. Shao. Thank you!” — Juan

“Without him, I wouldn’t be famous and professional!” — Nicholas

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